Thursday, August 28, 2008

A Couple of Morgan's Habits

Morgan has this habit of sucking her fingers between every bite of cereal. It's hysterical! She doesn't do it after every single bite, but most of the time she does. She also likes to hold the spoon when she eats....too funny!

Morgan Laughing

This is a cute video of Morgan laughing! I was wondering how to upload video to blogger, and turns out it is quite easy! So here are a couple videos I took while I was playing around with it!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Adventures in eating rice cereal!

Daddy does such a good job feeding me! Can't wait for us to eat our VEGGIES together, right Daddy?
When I was feeding her on Sunday, Morgan pulled the spoon out of my hands and was quite entertained by it!
How does this thing work?
Forget the spoon, I still say my fingers are the best!

Best Friends??

Here is Morgan and Lily hanging out together! Many people have asked how Lily has adjusted to Morgan, being that Lily was our first baby and all. She's done so well and has happily accepted her, thank goodness! Morgan still seems somewhat fascinated by this big, hairy, yellow, moving thing. I'm sure before we all know it, she'll be climbing all over Lily!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Going out for a walk

We went for a little walk last evening, and it was still bright, so I put on her hat and sunglasses. The resulting picture was so cute, I had to post it!

Our New Blog!!

I have had so much fun looking at other people's blogs that I just had to start one myself! I have had lots of help, so thank you for everyone that has helped me along the way! So bookmark us and check back frequently! It is such a neat way for people to see Morgan. She is 4 months old already, our sweet little girl! She just started eating rice cereal 3 days ago and has been doing good..but it's been a little messy!