Thursday, November 18, 2010


We are so excited to finally share the news: Baby #2 is on the way!! We have known for about 5 weeks but have been keeping mum til our doctors appointment. We wanted to be sure everything was okay! Thankfully the heartbeat is strong and the baby is measuring perfectly. Morgan will be a big sister sometime on or around June 19th! We are truly over the moon and feel so blessed to have another addition to our family. We had been hoping for this to happen for nearly a year, but once again, I can see that God's plan was different from ours :) (Rightfully so! Thankfully so!)
Baby is doing great so far, however, momma is a different story! When pregnant with Morgan, I didn't have ONE SINGLE SYMPTOM, EVER! No sickness, no swelling, even at 40 weeks, was a breeze. (Ahem, delivery was another story). This time, I have been nauseated constantly, so tired I can hardly make it through the day, I can't eat anything I used to love, and Lord I'm IRRITABLE...whew. I am still running 4 miles in the mornings, and I actually feel great when I'm running, isn't that weird? But then I get home and WHAM, queasy-city!
We are ALL convinced it's a boy! We won't find out til 20 weeks, which is the first week of February (which will never be here, fyi)...But pretty much everyone in our families thinks it will be a we shall see!
Here's a pic of Morgan's little brother/sister!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Trick or Treat!

Morgan had a great time on Halloween night....we just gotten back from our annual Canton trip an hour before we put on her costume! She was quite the trouper and very excited to go up to the doors and yell "TRICK OR TREAT"....her little feet were running so fast she tripped about 4 times. This girl is all about the drama but it didn't even faze her. She just got up and kept running.
She picked out her costume: all she's talked about for weeks is being Thumbelina. She was so excited to get dressed up with make up. She's so it!