Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Morgan's 2 Year Pictures

A few weeks ago we were lucky enough to book Courtney Moore for Morgan's 2 year pictures. She did such a good job....we were so very happy with how they turned out!
Some of our favorites: (sorry there's so's hard to narrow it down from 150 pictures!:)

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Laughs with The Laughter's

This weekend we went to our good friends, the Laughter's, lake house. We had a WONDERFUL time and it was Morgan's first time on a boat! She was nervous at first, but then loved it. We enjoyed an awesome boat ride til the boat died 15 feet past the buoys. We rode for exactly 3 minutes.
Layne flagged another boat down so he could go get his jet ski to tow the boat. He got back to the house only to find the jet ski battery had died. So Kristyn had to flag someone down...thankfully some very nice gentlemen in a fi
shing boat were able to pull us back to the pier. It was pretty funny.
Jayce and Morgan were SO STINKIN CUTE together in their life jackets. Like I said, she had a great time!

Friday, March 12, 2010


Daddy stopped at the store yesterday to buy some brownies, and Morgan helped to make them. Well, more accurately, she helped to eat them!

(No worries about the double dipping, no one else will eat them but us:)

A Girl and Her Daddy

Morgan gets so excited when Daddy gets home from work everyday. She runs up to him and they have a very special moment, just the two of them.

She started running when she saw his car coming!

Talking about the day's events!

Not sure who looks forward to it more: Morgan or JD?

Spring is Here!

Time for:

Tank tops and sunglasses...

Giggling in the sun.....

Dancing outside...

Sidewalk chalk...

And outside toys!

Springtime has arrived in Texas.....and it's beautiful!

Viva Las Vegas!

JD and I spent 3 days in Las Vegas and had a ball! We had a lot of fun despite the fact that I was SO SO sick! I had a fever, chills, aches, which was all caused by a terrible cold. I could barely breathe but was a trouper! We went with our friends Kyle and Chelsea. JD and Kyle have been friends since THIRD GRADE! They have been through alot together and are really good friends.

My Mom watched Morgan and they did SO much stuff! I ran Morgan to the Dr the day we left due to a high fever. 4 hours before I boarded the plane I was standing in a pharmacy getting 3 prescriptions filled, as she had a double ear infection! Her first ear infection ever. That was pretty traumatic but she did great! Grandma took her to Gymboree, Kindermusik, Build A Bear, Chuck E. Cheese, and shopped and rode the merry-go-round at the mall. I'm sure she had some sweets in there but I don't even want to know about them! She had a great time and was too busy to miss us I'm sure!