Monday, February 22, 2010

First Haircut

For some reason I have been dreading getting Morgan's hair cut. It seems like it's the last little piece of her baby days I have been holding on to! BUT it was starting to look a little "rat-tail-y" so I reluctantly agreed to trim it a little.

Morgan did great! She was happy and smiling the entire time.

First cut:

You sure you know what you're doing?

Keep your head down!

What does everyone think of my new 'do?

Our beautiful girl! She looks like such a big girl here!

Is this really the same baby?? Almost 2 years ago..sniff..sniff..

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Homegoods Message Center Redo

I love LOVE looking at all the fun pictures of things people have redone out in blogland. Seriously, people are amazing what they come up with! I have been feeling so inspired by everyone but not sure where to start, then I saw this message board at Homegoods! It was on clearance for $10.00...but it was in a sad sad state:

The top part was broken off and the lovely "tea party" print was peeling off.. So I sanded it, primed it, spray painted the outside brown and the inside with chalkboard paint, and added two little decorative swirly things from Hobby Lobby (I should have taken pictures of the whole process)..and here's the end result:

I distressed it with sandpaper after I painted it...I am happy with how it turned out! Bonus: the chalkboard is also magnetic so I made fleur-di-lis magnets (From HL) to go on there too.
Here's a close up of the it!

I'm linking up to my first linky party at Kimba's A Soft Place to Land!

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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Simple Math

(One Grandma to babysit)+

(One very loving and thoughtful husband)+

(One hotel downtown)+

(One amazing restaurant)

=One very unforgettable Valentine's Day! Thank you for such a special weekend honey! I love you!

Friday, February 12, 2010

22 Reasons to Smile

Our sweet Morgan turned 22 months last how time flies. She is growing up so fast and is such a precious blessing to us. I wanted to remember some of the funny/quirky/sweet things she is doing now so when I look back I will remember every detail!

22. It drives her nuts to have any doors or drawers open. She makes it her personal mission to close them all before proceeding with life.

21. Loves her markers and stickers. Would color and peel stickers off all day if she could!

20. Is so picky! We seem to rotate between the same 5 meals for her and anything that's new she flat out refuses to try it! Sigh...

19. She loves necklaces and flowers, is obessesed with both actually! If she sees a flower, real or fake, she asks "Can I have it ?" in a super sweet voice. It's hard not to throw everything aside just to give the kid a flower.

18.She luurrrves her family. She really truly loves everyone and enjoys the time spent with all.

17. If someone is crying she squats next to them and asks so seriously "Whatsa matta?"

16. She loves music and dancing. Loves singing too.

15. She greets everyone that passes by us when we are out and about! No matter if it's a man, woman, or child, she will wave her little arm off yelling HI til she gets noticed! Thankfully MOST people are pretty sweet and play along.

14. She just learned her phone number and address. Seriously. The. Cutest. Thing. Ever. And if you ask her who we call in an emergency she says "Oh Toodles!" (from Mickey Mouse Club)

13. If she wants something she will look at us with those big brown eyes and say "Can i have it pleeeaaasse?" Lord, she's charming!

12. Loves playing outside in her playhouse and going to the park.

11. When she's concentrating her little lips pucker into the cutest little it!

10. Loves helping! Putting away groceries, putting laundry in the dryer, cleaning, she loves it all...hmm...I can use this one to my advantage!

9. She does not like anything stuck on her fingers whether it be lint, food, or invisible who-knows-what, she wants it off. Now.

8. Her vocabulary is amazing..she never ceases to amaze us with the things that she says. The other day I asked for some (play) ice cream and she said "It's 20 bucks." What?? Where does she hear these things?

7. If she needs help with something without fail she'll say "Can I help you please?"

6. Always asks if she can hold me. I'm always happy to oblige!

5. I love our quiet time at night together, after story time, we rock for a little while and the world stops and all my worries are put on hold. It's a very special time.

4. She prays so sweetly and sometimes she will stop playing to pray. My heart soars to see her do so.

3. She would rather be reading than doing anything else. She sometimes gets so upset at bedtime because 8 books aren't enough. I believe she'd read all night if I let her! She adores being read to.

2. She loves playing with her kitchen and her babies. Then the next minute she's running and kicking the ball. Can't figure out if she's more of a girly girl or a tomboy?

1. When I get her in the morning she always tells me "I'm so happy to see you!" What a way to start the day! This child has got me wrapped around her finger!