Sunday, April 12, 2009

Little Miss Sunshine

Aunt Megan surprised Morgan (and me) by coming in a day early so she could be at Morgan's party. Morgan loves her and loves the water table Aunt Megan gave her for her birthday gift.

How sweet is this picture?

Water table fun!

Grandma bought Morgan a slide for her birthday......she LOVES it and goes down over and over again! We have had some amazing weather and we enjoyed it outside all week.

Uncle Bob, Aunt Vickie, and Kristen came for the week from Pittsburgh to relax and see Morgan. They bought her a shopping cart and a play ice cream shop set. You guessed it...she loved it too! She's so easy to please!

Bye everyone!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Birthday Party Pictures

Here are some pictures from Morgan's birthday party! She had a great time...and seems to love every minute being the center of attention. Where does she get this from?? Not me. And the theme was pink and brown......

JD and I got her a wagon which she got first thing that morning. She just came in and stared up at it, amazed. This picture pretty much sums up her reaction. Once she figured out you can ride it, she didn't want to come out of it!

The Party Banner: I made this!!

I had her dress made on It has her name embroidered on it with 2 big bows at the empire waist and a cupcake sewn on the bottom. I will try to find a better picture of was so adorable.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Oh My! Baby's Turning One!

Our sweet Morgan turned one today! I can hardly believe it. I spent the day choking back many tears, and filled with much emotion. I am amazed how quickly one year has flown by. I will never forget the feeling when I got to hold her for the first time. A feeling of being complete, of pure joy. And it's just grown every day since then.

Dearest Morgan,
I remember the moment I knew you were coming
. I was so happy, so excited, and scared, not sure what to expect of this journey, but knowing my life was going to change forever. Seeing your perfect face, tiny nose, lips, and chin, I couldn't believe how much I loved you, and was amazed how God paid perfect attention to every detail.
I spent hours reading books, understanding the science of your development, how you morphed from tiny embryo to a willful one year old. Still, it amazes me, stumps me, humbles me. Every night I watch you sleep, counting breaths, marveling at your long lashes, and the rise and fall of your chest. You have always been ahead of the game, eyes open and searching even those first few days of life. Later, you would lift your head and arms trying for hours to push yourself up, wobbling, concentrated, determined. How strange it seems those months ago you could barely grasp a rattle and now you march triumphantly around the house, banging a pot lid on the floor, carrying your baby. At 5 months you decided to crawl, rocking carefully, then springing forward. Soon came pulling up, then standing, then at 9 months you took your first shaky steps. The rest is history, you run circles around us, climbing and rolling, squatting and reaching, always learning.
You have taught me so many things this year, the delicious cuisine of soggy puffs, the joys of saying the same words over and over just to get a laugh. You have taught me that the simplest things are the most fun, and that a piece of paper can provide hours of entertainment.
You have taught me patience, love, and terrible fear. Crouching over you with the nose bulb as you struggled with your colds, reaching you seconds too late after a nasty tumble, and whacking your back every time you cough while eating. Every day brings me to my knees in thanks for your existence, for your love, and for your health.
And so, my dearest daughter, on the anniversary of
the greatest day of my life, I salute you. May this next year bring you many discoveries, may you feel loved and cherished by your family. May you keep that wonder, and may you continue to find the joy in the small things.
I will always be here for you, when you want to play peekaboo, or snuggle, or when you want to be a monster and chase me. When you wake up at 4 am crying because your teeth hurt, I will always hold you and keep you close. I will try to let you go, to let you discover, I know you need that. As I watch you explore your world, always know, I AM YOUR BIGGEST FAN.
I love you always and forever,

PS: Birthday party pics to be posted tomorrow:)

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