Sunday, March 22, 2009

A Fun Weekend!

Things have been pretty crazy around here lately, and I have been a bad blogger/emailer as a result!
Friday my good friend Jenny and her son Zach were here from Birmingham so we got to have a brief visit. It was so good to see them. Tried to get the perfect picture of the 2 kiddos but they just weren't having it! Zach was so tired, and every time we got him settled, Morgan had walked away to play! So here's the best of what we got!

What a little cutie!

Morgan loooves blowing kisses!

Morgan had her first taste of vanilla ice cream on Saturday....she was in heaven :) It was so cute to see her get so excited about it!

After the ice cream we went into Pottery Barn Kids, and she sat at the little table for over 20 minutes playing with the play dishes/play pots and pans. It was does she know how to do that?? She loved it and didn't want to leave! Good thing she gave us some birthday ideas.....

She has never really had a lovey or any kind of security blanket/toy. She has plenty of things that could work, but just never showed in interest in anything. Well that changed last week...she will not go anywhere without her baby "Susie" (named after dear friend Susan, who bought it for her in Canton!) She carries it everywhere, and loves on it constantly. Hugs, kisses, the whole bit! She will walk and then just drop on the ground to hug it! She even tried to take her in the bathtub! So I guess that's her security toy now?? It's just adorable. Here is a video of her loving on Susie.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

It's Official!

We decided, after much discussion, to put our house on the market! We were going to move next year anyways, but with interest rates being so low, we felt now would be a good time. We have had a showing nearly every day since it's been listed, so hopefully someone will buy it soon. We are not in a hurry, but we certainly do not want to have our house on the market for several months! Not sure where we are going yet; we have spent our evenings searching for the perfect house (Which by the way, is very addicting).

Morgan is doing great, we are planning her first birthday, which is April 4th, I can hardly believe it! I remember that day last year like it happened yesterday. She's gotten so good at walking and just walks all around the house carrying whatever she's fascinated with at the moment. She loves her bear (she calls it her "ba"). Really cute.

Hugs for Mr. Doggy!

She loves playing with her babies and pushing them around in the stroller!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Happy 11 Months!

As I stood in her room last night and watched her sleeping, my heart was overwhelmed with her gentleness and grace. Her tiny little hands are so precious and so delicate. The sweetness of her lips is nothing less than perfect. I counted my blessings for my sweet baby girl, for God surely heard my heart and answered my every prayer. I love you Morgan! Happy 11 Months!