Saturday, February 21, 2009

Drama Queen

We seem to have a little drama queen on our hands! When she doesn't like something (especially when eating), she does these faces:

As soon as you give her something sh
e likes or something she wants, she's fine and won't do it anymore. She's figured out how to manipulate Mommy already! :) She has been remembering the names of lots of different can ask her where many things are and she will show you where it is. She can also do lots of actions! If you ask her to splash in the tub, she will happily oblige and make HUGE splashes. She can show you where her head is, where her ear is, and Mommy's nose. (But she has a hard time finding her own nose.) She loves to give herself kisses in the mirror. Its really pretty cute!
This is a video of her showing where her head and ears are. Ignore the ridiculous giggling you hear from the video, as that would be me. Usually if I giggle she joins suit but of course she didn't this time!!

Her new favorite activity is pulling clothes out of her dresser. I was getting her dressed and I went to look in the closet for an outfit, and when I turned around, this is what I saw: (she was happily talking away the whole time)

Fortunately my camera happened to be in her room at the time so I snapped away!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


We are back from Seattle! We had such a wonderful time, and Morgan loved playing with her cousins. The babies were so cute together! We were so very busy the entire trip, but got to do so much and visit with some very special people. Thank you all for a wonderful visit, we love and miss you guys so much!

We surprised Madison for lunch at school!

Luke and Morgan hanging out! It's amazing to see the size difference in person...they are 2 weeks apart, but Luke is so much bigger than Morgan. They were so adorable to watch play together!

The joys of a doorstop! Finally someone who understands.... They both played with this for quite awhile, it was too funny!

Playing doctor with Maddie.

Hey what's that? I want it too!

Kisses from sweet Jake.

Tickling Maddie!

Helping Hama feed Luke.

On Tuesday afternoon, we went to Yakima to visit JD's Dad (AKA: Grandpa and Grandma Joan). We were having a great time, then Morgan and I both got a nasty stomach bug. Wow, there's nothing like seeing your kid sick like that. I, of course, panicked, but we just made sure Morgan got lots of fluids so she wouldn't be dehydrated. But we were very well taken care of, and we must have gone through 12 loads of laundry in the 3 days we were there! Even the car seat made it in the wash. But we got lots of rest and were feeling somewhat better for the trip back to Seattle on Friday. Needless to say, we didn't get as many pictures as we would have liked to.

Grandpa and Grandma Joan

They made Morgan this beautiful toy box!

Then when we got back Friday we celebrated JD's Grandpa's 80th birthday! We went to dinner at The Keg (where Morgan and I were both still pretty sick), but we had a wonderful time!

JD's Grandpa loves the Seattle Mariners, so for his birthday gift, he got a private tour of Safeco and we all got to come! It was awesome to see the stadium from the inside out! It was freezing that day but we stayed warm and took lots of pictures. Below is a picture of Papa with the scoreboard behind him wishing him a happy birthday.

The whole family in the press conference room.

Family pic in the dugout.

Morgan and Nana

There's nothing to it, strike a pose..........

Hama with her 2 favorite 10 month olds!

Then we came home to a very very sick dog...........SOO after having the carpets professionally cleaned and Lily taken to the vet, things are starting to get back to normal. Poor Lily was literally sick with worry if we'd ever return home!