Monday, August 31, 2009

We're Still Here!!

Whew...we are sorely behind on blogging... This past month has been insanely busy and seems everyday is nonstop til 10 pm and then I don't feel like blogging! The house is awesome, we love it so much. Closing was a nightmare, but that's another post in itself....I will post pictures soon. I keep wanting the house to be clean to post pictures but that never seems to happen, as there is usually stuff everywhere! One of these days.
Just wanted to update on sweet Morgan. She will be 17 months on Sept 4th. She amazes us constantly. Her vocabulary is unbelievable. She says pretty much any and everything. She goes around pointing all day naming stuff: tree, leaf, doggie, milk, chicken, ketchup, helicopter, cool whip, cheese, outside, orange, corn, and the list goes on and on. She is now starting to speak 2 to 3 word phrases: I love you is "I wub bu", "I comin", "bye Daddy" (or whoever is leaving at the moment), and she loves saying people's names. Getting quite good at it too! I love her sweet little voice, makes my heart swell every time, I swear. She knows the colors red and blue, and knows what a circle, triangle, and square are, and the letters A, B, C, and M.
She loves going to Gymboree classes, to see "Gymbo" the clown. She loves Dora, which is crazy because she really doesn't watch it, but we have tons of Dora books. Gotta love that Map and Backpack. Loves to play outside, I can't wait for the weather to cool down a bit.
She loves playing with her play food and her tea party set. She also really likes the daily craft we do, especially the glue stick!
She is still such a tiny little girl...still wears some of her 3-6 months clothes but is getting taller and moving into size 9 months. How does that seem like such a big size to me?
Every stage of her so far has been so much fun! I was looking at baby pictures of her the other day and boo-hooed: how could this time have gone by so quickly? I treasure every moment with her; they are far too fleeting to not do so!


Her hair is growing in the back but not much on top yet!